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PowerWalker VFI 1000 R1U





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  • Schlankes 1U (1HE) Design
  • Einfache „Ein-Knopf-Bedienung“ und erweiterte Funktionalität über die Software
  • Hohe Effizienz und lange Autonomiezeit mit vier 6V Batterien

Item Number: 10120195

With true double-conversion online UPS design, PowerWalker VFI 1000R/1U provides powerful and overall protection to your sensitive devices. It can accept wide input voltage for harsh environment. It offers full protection for critical devices such as sensitive servers, network/telephone communication systems as well as for industrial applications.
With its slim design it only requires 1U valuable space of your rack system. The UPS can be installed in 19” rack systems.

Technische Spezifikationen

Allgemeine Merkmale
Kapazität1000VA / 800W
EingangsspannungsbereichVoltage Range Low Line Transfer
160VAC± 5% @ load > 80%
110VAC± 5% @ load < 60%
Voltage Range Low Line Comeback
170VAC± 5% @ load > 80%
120VAC± 5% @ load < 60%
Voltage Range High Line Transfer
300VAC ± 5%
Voltage Range High Line Comeback
290VAC ± 5VAC
Eingangsleistungsfaktor ≥ 0.99 at full load
Frequenzbereich40Hz - 70Hz
Frequenz (Synchronisationsbereich)47Hz - 53Hz
Ausgangsnennspannung220/230/240 VAC
Reine SinuswelleJa
THDv≤3% Full Linear Load; ≤5% Non-Linear Load
Spannungsregelung (Bat. Mod.)±1%
Frequency (Battery Mode)±0,3Hz
Technische Details
Load Crest Ratio3:1
Transfer Time [AC to Battery]0ms
Transfer Time [Inverter to Bypass]4ms
ÜberlastfähigkeitLine: alarm @100%-105%; 2min @105%-130%; 10s @>130%; BAT: alarm @100%-105%; 10s @105%-130%; 0s @>130%
LCD IndicatorsLED: AC Mode, Battery Mode, Fault, Off-mode charging
Netzmodus Vollast86.0%
Batterien und Überbrückungszeit
Akkus4x 6V/7Ah
DC Spannung4 x 6V
Recharge Time4h to 90%
Full Load Backup Time5.5min
Half Load Backup Time14.5min
Anschlüsse und Kommunikation
IEC C13 Outlet3
USB portJa
Extension SlotJa, 1
EPO PortJa
Geräuschpegel< 50dB
Temperatur0°C – 40°C
Luftfeuchtigkeit20% - 90% RH (non-condensing)
IEC 62040-3 KlassifizierungVFI-SS-111
PackungsinhaltUPS, Manual, Software CD, USB Cable, Rack Ears
Sprache BedienungsanleitungEN
Breite438 mm
Höhe44 mm
Tiefe477 mm
Gewicht12.6 kg
Verpackung - Breite607 mm
Verpackung - Höhe158 mm
Verpackung - Tiefe567 mm
Stück pro Karton1
Stück pro Palette48



SNMP Manager
Network Management
Item Number: 10120505
EAN: 4260074974034
SNMP Cards offer IP Address and Web Interface for most convenient monitoring. SNMP modules allows remote monitor and manage multiple UPSs from anywhere with internet access. Integrated web access will leverage internet capability of SNMP card to remotely program or shut down UPSs. Equipped with SNMP card, power conditions of all UPSs can be monitored anytime/anywhere even through the UPS units are ...
EMD for SNMP Manager
Environment Module
Item Number: 10120544
EAN: 4260074974966
EMD (environmental monitoring device) for SNMP cards are connectivity devices to remote monitor temperature and humidity via SNMP card. It provides dry contacts to communicate with compatible devices such as security system or alarm system. ...
AS400 Card
Dry Contacts
Item Number: 10120515
EAN: 4260074974300
AS/400 Cards provide clean dry contacts for remote shutdown and monitoring of a UPS.
It is frequently used along with PLCs and signal control panels.
Information delivered are UPS failure, Alarm, Main Fail, Bypass, Battery Low, UPS On.
Using AS/400 it possible to shutdown UPS remotely.
Solution requires external 12V/24VDC source for a high signal.
Pin assignment is available in User ...
Modbus Card 2
Modbus Protocol
Item Number: 10120565
EAN: 4260074975703
The PowerWalker Modbus Card is a communication accessory that provides a pair of RJ-45 interface for remote monitoring and controlling of UPSs.
It converts standard RS232 signal to RS232 signal with specified address, which allows controlling many UPSs from one computer.
You can setup a desired address with jumpers (range 0-255). - Modbus Card for: VFI 1000/1500/2000/3000 LCD VFI 1000C/2000C ...
Rack Mount Kit - RK3
for R, RM, CRM up to 700mm
Item Number: 10120507
EAN: 4260074974218
Special kit to mount rack UPSs in 19inch cabinet with depth up to 700mm. - Rack Kit for:
VFI 1000-3000 RM,
VFI 1000-3000 RMG,
VFI 1000-10000 R,
VFI 1000-3000 CRM,
VFI 1000-3000 CRS,
VFI 1000 R/1U ...
MBS/PDU Tower 1-3kVA
Maintenance Bypass Switch (Power Distribution Unit) for all 1-3KVA Tower Type UPS
Item Number: 10120500
EAN: 4260074973082
MBS is a module used as an external Maintenance Bypass Switch to provide continuous power without shutting down the connected loads during UPS scheduled maintenance or battery replacement. It also serves as a PDU (Power Distribution Unit) offering several outputs to be used by various loads. ...
Maintenance Bypass Switch (Power Distribution Unit) for all 1-3KVA Tower Type UPS
Item Number: 10133000
EAN: 4260074978025
MBS is a module used as an external Maintenance Bypass Switch to provide continuous power without shutting down the connected loads during UPS scheduled maintenance or battery replacement. It also serves as a PDU (Power Distribution Unit) offering several outputs to be used by various loads. ...
Automatic Transfer Switch
Item Number: 10120543
EAN: 4260074974959
ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) supports connection of two independent power sources. If primary power source fails, the secondary will automatically back up the connected load without any interruption. ...
USB Cable
USB Cable
Item Number: 91010011
Additional communication cable ...
IEC Cable 10A C13/C14 (180cm) 0.75mm²
Extension Cable
Item Number: 91010013
EAN: 4260074976274
Additional converter cable ...
EU Input Power Cable C13
EU-Input Cable
Item Number: 91010017
EAN: 4260074976465
Additional converter cable ...
EU Input Power Cable C19
EU-Input Cable
Item Number: 91010018
EAN: 4260074976458
Additional converter cable ...
IEC Cable 16A C19/C20 (180cm)
Extension Cable
Item Number: 91010028
EAN: 4260074976090
Additional converter cable ...
UK Input Power Cable C13 (180cm)
UK-Input Cable
Item Number: 91010029
EAN: 4260074975826
Additional converter cable ...
UK Input Power Cable C19 (180cm)
UK-Input Cable
Item Number: 91010030
EAN: 4260074975833
Additional converter cable ...
EU Plug to UK Plug Converter
Item Number: 91010031
Additional converter cable ...
IEC Cable 10A C14/C19 (180cm)
Extension Cable
Item Number: 91010040
EAN: 4260074976182
Additional converter cable ...
IEC Cable 10A C13/C20 (180cm)
Extension Cable
Item Number: 91010041
EAN: 4260074975710
Additional converter cable ...
IEC Cable 10A C14/TypeF Converter (20cm)
Item Number: 91015003
EAN: 7340004644842
Converter cable from IEC C14 to Type F (CEE7/3). 20cm with 3x0.75mm2 wires ...
Swiss Input Power Cable C13
Swiss-Input Cable
Item Number: 91015011
Additional converter cable ...
Swiss Input Power Cable C19
Swiss-Input Cable
Item Number: 91015012
Additional converter cable ...
CSB RUM 6290
Item Number: 91010071
EAN: 4260074977974
6V 10Ah Battery for VFI 1000 R1U ...

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pt : Fonte de alimentação ininterrupta

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sv : Avbrottsfri kraftförsörjning

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